Designer Notes:

Ever since Joy Division’s release of “Unknown Pleasure” in 1979, Peter Saville’s celebrated album artwork has drawn awe in it’s graphic starkness. An image of successive radio pulses from the first pulsar discovered in space. It reflects serenity and power. However, as most kids of my generation, we had no clue what the image really was... it was simply “t-shirt cool”! I saw it as a mountain range, the stunning result of tectonics – continental collision.

Using CNC technology, my desire was to capture that combination of sensuality, technicality, and fluidity. To emulate that lateral movement in the use of a gentle progression of deep fluted cuts. Lines subtlety narrowing as the door design rises to its peak. It’s tight like Stephen Morris’ drumming.

Made in solid Black American walnut, the design is available as an Interior Door, Exterior Door, Sliding Door and Interior Wall Paneling.

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures
DIVIDE Walnut Designer Front Entrance Door
DIVIDE Contemporary Front Door
DIVIDE Walnut Black Texture Design Door
DIVIDE Door In Roasted Maple Wood Black Stain Modern Designer Doors
DIVIDE Texture Modern Door
DIVIDE Black Door Carved Designer
DIVIDE Walnut Door With Caracas Bronze Handle
DIVIDE Door Surface Walnut
DIVIDE Design Doors Black Interior Door
DIVIDE Fine Hardware Bronze