Designer Notes:

The design is an hommage to the French ceramist, Roger Capron (b. 1922) who attained international acclaim in the mid-fifties for his unique and graphic ceramic art. His frequent motifs of the sun emblem bring a sense of wellbeing and warmth. He was a pioneer of the “forms libres” movement in the 1940’s.
Using the old craft of woodturning, the oiled solid walnut blocks undulate in form evoking a sense of play with the warm caramel and chocolate colours and lighthearted circular pattern. I want people to connect with the form and texture of the door. To run their fingers along the oil sheened surface; to feel that warmth of Roger’s envisioned sun pattern.

Made in solid Black American walnut, the design is available as an Interior Door, Exterior Door, Sliding Door and Interior Wall Paneling.

Capron Ceramic Tile
CAPRON Designer Door Exterior Walnut Mid Century
CAPRON   Designer Front Entrance Door In Walnut
Capron Designer Doors Interior
CAPRON Designer Door Exterior Walnut
CAPRON Oil Rubbed Bronze Handle
Capron Walnut Front Door Custom
Capron Wood Turned Circle Design
Capron   Exterior Door Surface