Designer Notes: As a Canadian, lakeside cottages are mystical destinations, part of the fabric of our identity. I was very fortunate to grow up with a family cottage on Lake Memphremagog, a fresh water glacial lake that spans both Quebec and Vermont. I had recently started working with a great company called DEKKO CONCRETE using light-engineered concrete (GFRC) in creating the BALTIC wall paneling and was thinking of alternate ways to use the material. Late one summer evening, sitting on a small bench, a half-moon illuminated the rippling lake. The idea of using the chalky white porous concrete immediately came to my mind to represent the craterous surface of our celestial friend. The MOON entryway became my abstract expression of a midnight moon shimmering over a blackened-blue lake. MOON is cast in Chalk White GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) with the lower half sprayed in in high gloss lacquer (Farrow & Ball’s Black-Blue). We can fully clad our doors in this special concrete and are available in painted custom colours as well as natural colours including, limestone, clay, ash, sandstone, and charcoal. These special GFRC concrete doors are extremely durable. They are designed to be light, strong, weather resistant, and fire retardant – allowing one to use more artistic doors where fire rated doors are needed. Made of minerals, the concrete will not burn, enabling it to protect the materials behind it from the heat of the flame. Material: GFRC Concrete Available as an Interior Door, Exterior Door, and Sliding Door.
MOON   Modern Designer Interior Door With Colombo Slim Chrome Handle
ScanWest Doors - MOON - Exterior & Interior Door - Side Profile - White GFRC Concrete
MOON   Contemporary Custom Designer Concrete Door
MOON   Modern Custom Concrete Door
ScanWest Doors - MOON - Exterior & Interior Door - Surface Texture - White GFRC Concrete
ScanWest Doors - MOON - Exterior & Interior Door - Surface Texture - White GFRC Concrete