About ScanWest Doors

There are many aspects to our exterior and interior door models that set ScanWest (Scandinavian/West Coast) apart from traditional stock door manufacturers and flat panel mass-production factories.
For us, doors are a canvas. That is our distinction. Keeping this principle in mind, our objective is to elevate the entry door as a design priority amongst architects, design professionals and the consumer. Our doors create impact and add a focal point to modern living space.
Behind each design is a story or place of inspiration. Reflecting a mixture of subtle and bold sculptured textures, our dimensional designs embrace light and shadow, enhancing the character of the form. However, it is the emotional connection created by the desire to touch the artistic finishing that defines our aesthetics.
Mystery, playfulness, narrative and the inherent beauty in human artistry is found in ScanWest’s doors. It’s not just what we have created in our collections, but what original design we can imagine and create with you. We are unique; so are you, reflect it in your space.
Please contact ScanWest to discuss purchasing or designing a more creative and artistic door for your home or architectural project.

Christopher W. Hampton-Davies