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Starting at $779.00

Designer Inspiration

“Designed by the Montreal company, “Behind the Woods”, each handcrafted interior door is truly a unique artistic piece. The company is comprised of two cousins who see the potential in old and unwanted furniture, including hockey sticks, kitchen cupboards, baseboards, coffee tables, wooden trunks, headboards, and more. They work hard to maintain the original aspect of the material they find, including colours and textures. This means that they do not paint any of the background wood used to create colourful silhouette pieces.”  


All the collected wood is cleaned and cut into strips before being assembled under a silhouette design. The silhouettes are created on the computer and cut by a laser machine. The wooden pieces are then carefully chosen and laid out to bring life to the design and reflect its theme. 

The range of door silhouettes are endless including the opportunity of customizing your own. This special model is perfect to add warmth, humour and character to cottage life, country homes and/or children’s rooms. 

Available as an interior door only. 



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