Crafting doors that demand touch.
Make your bold statement.
This is our canvas.

doors shouldn't be an interior design afterthought.

Modern doors are lifeless and uninspiring.

ScanWest creates hand-crafted interior and exterior doors that not only compliment and accentuate modern design, but become a focal point of it.

Doors are a canvas. Start designing with one.

flat is out. texture is in.

Great design incorporates touch and texture, to create an emotional connection to your space.  Why are doors the exception?


Using innovative materials and handcraftsmanship, our products inspire the senses and help to define uniqueness and personality not found in any other door in North America.


The instinctual draw to the texture of our products is undeniable, as seen in these photos from photographer Guiseppe Pascale at recent interior design shows.  We never get tired of the question, “Can I touch the door?”

We’ve designed impactful architectural products for spaces across Canada and the U.S., working with some of the top interior designers in the industry.   

See what we’ve done, and consider what bold statement you can make with your space.


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