Doors have become a building material, mass-produced in factories.  An afterthought, a last decision in the architectural design process.  Often, it is left in the hands of the general contractor…

Even promoted “luxury” doors are nothing but uninspired variations on 6-8-panels or even worse completely flat, lacking any texture or impact.  Drywall on hinges.  Honestly, how many doors have ever grabbed your attention?

This lack of vision needs to change – it’s time to rethink doors.

We work hard to create and develop contemporary custom doors and wall panels that impact, inspire and capture the imagination.  

We tirelessly promote artisanal doors as an architectural priority amongst design professionals so they can endeavour to produce a truly unique modern space for their clients.

We’ve designed impactful architectural products for spaces across Canada and the U.S., working with some of the top interior designers in the industry.   

See what we’ve done, and consider what bold statement you can make with your space.