When travelling through Europe or Asia you find exquisite, handcrafted doors – sometimes hundreds of years old – and you stop to touch or take a picture of it. But in contemporary North American design, this artisanal approach to doors has been lost.

Doors have become a building material; the last decision in the interior design process or simply chosen for ease-of-use by the general contractor. Even luxury doors are uninspired variations on 6 or 8-panels. Almost all designs are completely flat, lacking in any texture or drama. Honestly, how many doors have ever grabbed your attention?

This lack of vision needs to change.

We want to make doors a design priority amongst architects, design professionals and consumers, so we work to create products that impact, inspire and offer a unique focal point to any modern living space.  


We look at doors the way interior designers look at an empty room: as a canvas waiting to leave an impression.  By combining Scandinavian and West Coast design, hand-craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, we transform building materials into functional works of art.  

We’ve designed impactful architectural products for spaces across Canada and the U.S., working with some of the top interior designers in the industry.   

See what we’ve done, and consider what bold statement you can make with your space.