Crafting designs
that demand touch.
Make your
bold statement.
are our canvas.
designs that demand touch.
Doors are
our canvas.
Make your
bold statement.
Crafting designs that demand touch.
are our
your bold

doors should not be a design afterthought.

Today’s factory produced “modern” doors are as lifeless and uninspiring as the drywall that envelops them.

​ScanWest was founded to create unique, handcrafted interior & exterior doors to not only embolden modern interior design, but to re-establish doors as an architectural focal point.  For us, doors are a canvas.

It’s time to rethink doors.

texture is in. flat is out

Great product design is innovative, creates pause in admiration and curiosity, and evokes a genuine emotional connection and experience with the object. 

Why have doors become an exception?

There are far more innovative and inspiring choices beyond the banality of 4, 6 or… 8 panel doors!

embracing innovation / celebrating craftsmanship

One of ScanWest’s clear differences, is our continual search for inventive, state-of-the art materials and integration of cutting-edge technologies.  This is all balanced with our adoration and pride of traditional handcrafted design and artistry. 

The combination of past and present truly defines the ScanWest aesthetic.   

It is this inventiveness and uniqueness of our custom door designs that has caught the discerning eye of leading designers throughout North America.

handles are jewelry.

As the right necklace completes the perfect dress, we have specifically chosen and paired stunning hardware that complements and enhances the overall door design.


Striking and creative architectural wall paneling that seamlessly flow wall to wall, floor to ceiling.


The instinctual draw to the texture of our products is undeniable, as seen in these photos from photographer Guiseppe Pascale at recent interior design shows.  We never get tired of the question, “Can I touch the door?”

We’ve designed impactful architectural products for spaces across Canada and the U.S., working with some of the top interior designers in the industry.   

See what we’ve done, and consider what bold statement you can make with your space.

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It’s time to rethink doors.

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It’s time to rethink doors.

It’s time to rethink doors.